Author Website Optimization Analysis

Author Website Optimization Analysis

Hey everyone, super excited about this new article and a new adventure I am starting. It is called Author Website Optimization, and this is where I am looking at your websites and doing a quick audit, so you can see where things are not setup that well for Google or Bing. I know right, this is a brand-new offering where I help authors get their books in front of more readers by helping them show up more on Google. 

Who am I and better yet how am I qualified to tell you about websites and specifically Author websites? My name is Bill Dow and I have 30-plus years of hands-on experience. I am a 5X Author and have been in the book marketing business since 2008. That is a long time promoting and marketing my books. That includes creation of websites, book downloads, free chapters, book contests… etc. The list goes on and on and I have learned a ton along the way! 

What is this service all about? Well, let me explain the Why and get into the What so you are all 100% clear. 


  • Dow Publishing’s Author Website Optimization Service focuses on improving your business’s website. When searching online, most users will choose one of the top five search results shown to them. 
  • It is that simple, when you show up on Google or Bing in the top results, it can have an enormous impact on your business. This service cannot guarantee success, but it will improve your chances! 
  • What is the outcome of this experience – Improving your chances of showing up in the top search results!

Website optimization is one of the important aspects of marketing. It is a complex process which involves making improvements to the content, design, and structure of your website. 

  • To improve their ranking in search engines, companies undertake some specific steps. 
    •  They change their strategy for writing content.
    •  Change the meta tags for better descriptions.
    •  Redesign the website for better user experience.

But wait…. I am not an author. Will this work for my website? Yes, of course it will, as noted above Google and Bing look at websites all the same. I love that when people ask that question because Google and Bing look at websites as websites; they don’t say oh you are a doctor, you a dentist, you an author. A website is a website. 


Ok, let’s spend some time now and get into the how. 

Author Website Analysis Process

Author Website Optimization Analysis

As you can see, there are 3 phases of this process. They include: 

Phase 1 – Free initial scan of the website

Phase 2 – Free Initial report of Website Audit

Phase 3 – Optional Detailed Analysis + call 

Cool right, so I will run this audit for you, provide you a free report and you decide what you want to do with the information. The best part is once you have the information, you can decide next steps.

That’s it, that’s the entire process. 

If you want to learn more, go here for more information:

You can head off to YouTube as well where I did a video on it.

I think you will like it and will provide you much more information. 


Bill Dow, PMP 

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