The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting Down Online course

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  1. 19 X short and consumable videos on building, running and shutting down a PMO.
  2. Download and Resources files needed for building, running and shutting down a PMO.
  3. Private access to course FB page, for course members only. If you need help, come ask it in the FB group.
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Download & Resource files needed to run a PMO!

Lifetime access to 5 download files included in the course including the PMO Build Decision and Company Profile List. These files are not included anywhere else and a must have to build a solid PMO for your company!


Private Facebook Group to get your questions answered by other PMO Managers!

Are you struggling? Have you just been offered a PMO gig and have no idea how to start?

Let me tell you a quick story.

This guy named James came to me and asked for help on building a PMO. He was over in Sweden for a IT company and he had no idea where to start.

See he was a consultant in a contract and was hired to build and then run a PMO. He saw my name and books on LinkedIn and decided to reach out for some help. He was really in trouble because he had no idea what to do, and his super rich VC's who created the company wanted a PMO up and running immediately.

I got on a Skype call with him and he drilled me for questions on how to build and then run a PMO.

So, as he asked me question after question, sure I helped him, but I also told him everything he is asking is the same thing that everyone asks me and I have it all in my course! I mean, I was not pushing my course on him, I was there to help him, but if I have all the information already down in a course, would it not be better he gets the information there?

So, I said to him, how good would it be for you to not have to get me on a Skype call and that he could find these answers yourself 24X 7 any time you want using the 19 videos in my course! With the time difference between Seattle and Sweden not being the greatest, his best course of action was to take my course.

One of the cool things about this story, I have an open invite to Sweden. Being a huge tennis fan and Roger Federer being one of my heroes.. I could only dream..

Project Management Offices (Facts/Data)

Applicable to every industry! From Construction, IT, Research, Marketing, Manufacturing, Health Care, Finance & Insurance... Most industries have some form of PMOs.

Here is some interesting facts from a recent report on the state of PMOs.

85% of major firms have PMOs

49% directly report to C-level

33% improved in projects delivered under budget

27% improved satisfaction

43% alignment of firms objectives.

Fact after fact proves that PMOs are not going away and continue to provide value to the organizations that use them.

So building and running a successful PMO is on you, the PMO Manager!

** data provided by PM Solutions "The State of the Project Management Office (PMO) 2016" report. **

Let's hear from some of our course users!

Michael Shost, Vice President Operations & PMO, HealthTech Inc.

Don Clarke, Program Manager, PMO Operations, Starz

That could be you!

Are you like Michael or Don? Or any of the other PMO Managers struggling to know where to start?

Do you know what to do to run a PMO day to Day?

Are you comfortable in what PMO reports to run?

Do you know how to access your PMO staff?

All of this information is available to you in this course!

Interested in being coached by an industry leader?

Bill Dow, PMP

This course was developed by Bill Dow, PMP based off his best selling book, "The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO" and "The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting Down".

I am a 4 X published Author

I have built 7 PMOs across two Fortune 500 companies. I have also shutdown 6 of them!

I am a Bill's recognized leader Project Management and PMO space for many years.

I am college level instructor who has been teaching computers, project management since the early 90s.

I have worked in IT, Government, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Engineering across my 20+ year career.

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