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Project Communication Tools - Advanced Project Management Training - Project Integration Management Class

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This class will emphasize how to run a project in today’s environment. The tools and techniques that we are going to cover here are based on the foundation of the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide – sixth edition (not needed for the class) but, we go much deeper into what is required on projects today. Students will obtain hands-on practice and apply project management techniques using a class project. Students will complete project tools in the class and take those same tools and use them on their projects today, going from the classroom to the boardroom.

In this project integration management class, we are going to cover area areas such as what is integration management and who is doing what with it today. We will go over the importance of process groups, how phase gates play a role in driving a successful project, and finally, cover communication tools for different areas of the project.

The PDF of the course is attached and available to download for review.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the nuances of Integration management concepts.
  • Learn advanced techniques for project integration management and how to apply them to your projects.
  • Use key tools and techniques in project integration management.

Course Details

Length: 2 hours

Format: Online Classroom

Class size: Maximum 10 participants.

Course Contents

Students will be given a real-world project at the beginning of the class. Throughout the class they will apply their learnings and techniques taught to the class project. By the end of the class, students will be prepared to take their skills and tools learned back to their work environments.

Course breakdown:

  1. Describe the key concepts and terminology of Integration Management
  2. Identify the core concepts and principals PMI’s Integration Management
  3. Discover the concepts and techniques to direct and manage project work
  4. Identify the Project Change Control process and how to track and drive changes on your projects.
  5. Describe the Process Groups
  6. Phase Gate
  7. Discover Communication Tools across Process groups and knowledge areas.

Online class information and tools needed for class will be distributed during the life class.

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