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Project Communication Tools - Tools for Large Projects PDF

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This Pdf download will provide you all the tools for managing and communicating on large projects. This 348 page PDF includes all aspects of the tools from Introduction to Mastering. The tools included in this pdf include:

Large Project (1 or more years )
Project Initiation Process

Communication Plan

Customer Requirements

Document Control System

Feasibility Study

Project Charter

Project Kickoff Meeting

Project Management Plan

Project Organizational Chart

Project Proposal

Quality Management Plan

Stakeholder Management Plan

Stakeholder Register

Project Planning Process

Budget Spreadsheet

Change Control Plan

Comprehensive Test Plan

Design Specification

Document Control System

Earned Value Analysis

Earned Value Estimating Tool (Cost & Resource)

Logic Network Diagram

Project Schedule/Baseline

Quality Metrics

Responsibility Matrix

Risk Matrix Tool

Risk Modeling

Risk Register Plan

System Requirements

Work Breakdown Structure

Executing & Controlling Process

Change Request Form

Gantt Chart

Histogram Report

Issues List

Project Newsletter

Project Presentations

Project Status Meeting & Report

Risk Assessment Form

Stop Light Report

Work Package

Project Closeout

Lessons Learned Document

User Acceptance Document

For Agile users the following are tools that could be used:
Estimating Tools
Information Radiators
Product Vision Statement
Project Meetings
User Stories

User Story Backlog

If you are not interested in getting all the tools in the book, check out this smaller but packed pdf file.

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