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Project Management Communication Tools

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Poor communication is the number reason projects fail. It is not the lack of resources, technology or even the budget. Do not let poor communication cause your project to fail. This book explains when you should communicate, what you should communicate, where you should and even should not communicate. How you should communicate and why you should communicate. The book provides best practices, tips, tricks, and tools for driving a successful project. The book features charts, graphs, tables and project management processes that will make you successful and communicate more effectively. This is the book you will be constantly grabbing off the bookshelf"

This book covers:
  • Communication Tools across all PMI Knowledge Areas and Processes
  • Social Media and Project Management
  • Agile Communication Tools
  • Project Management Business Intelligence
  • Understand the right communication tools for each stage of a project
  • PMP Prep Questions for the Communications portion of the test
  • Face to face communication
  • Communication on virtual projects
  • Preventing common communication problems
  • And much more.

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